• Can you help me with all the computers in my home or office?
There are no restrictions. On any call you can ask about any of your computers, software, printers, networks or associated equipment. In fact, you can ask multiple questions about different issues while on the same call.  AJ Communications staff is available by phone  to assist with all your computer related needs.
  • What products do you support?

We do our best to support the wide variety of popular products across the entire spectrum of PC and laptop computers, software and attached peripherals. This includes but is not limited to: Networking, Wireless Networks, PC Hardware, Laptops, Software Installation, Printers, Digital Cameras and Photo Printing, DVD, CD Burner, MP3 Players, Hard Drive, File Backups, Driver Download, DSL, Modem, Internet Browser, Email, Computer Viruses.

  • Can I just call with a “How do I do this…” question.
Yes, definitely. We are happy to provide you with Tutorial Help. We are happy to do anything to relieve your stress and make you more productive.

  • Do I have to join a Membership?
  No membership is required. There are no automatic renewals to your credit card. You do not need to register any computers or equipment. This is not a single incident based program so you may ask a variety of questions. In fact, you may ask questions about any computer equipment or software related issues on any call and you may ask multiple questions about different topics and issues while on the same call.

  • What is your "No Charge Policy"?
It is part of our guaranteed Customer Satisfaction commitment. If we can't resolve your issue or provide you with the resources or direction to do so, you will not be charged for the time on your individual call.


            Some Questions Our Customers Have Asked

“How do I use Microsoft® Word to create a letter?”

“Can you help me install Norton™ AntiVirus software?”

“I have a new HP® printer and it says I may need a new driver. What does that mean?”

“I really need to backup my files. Can you provide me direction?”

“I am setting up a Linksys® wireless network in my office but need some help. How do I get my office computer talking to the others?”

“Can you help me adjust the color on my Dell® 17” monitor?”

“Can you help me with my new AOL® email account?”

“How do I print pictures from my new Sony® digital camera.”

“Is it possible to change Microsoft® Internet Explorer settings?”

“My computer keeps giving me this Windows® error message. Can you explain what this means and help me fix it?”

“I am trying to load my MP3 player for my weekend vacation. Can you help me?”