Live Technical Support for Home and Small Business

Computer problems got you down? Do you see blue screens more often than your wallpaper? Do you spend more time crashing than playing? Well, we're here to help!

We provide flexible, cost-effective support resources, services and solutions. Whether we're supplying 24/7 Technical Support contact services, web resources, knowledgebase implementation and management, or any of our other services, our flexibility lets you offer the professional support and additional resources your customers demand within an affordable budget that you can define.

We are here to assist you with problems with your computers and their peripherals. Our process is fast and friendly and you can be back cruising the information super highway problem free in no time.

Offering the greatest degree of flexibility, providing transparent service, and customizing highly efficient support resources for your customers at an affordable price – that’s what Customer Resource Services does! We can provide professional resources to your customers within days!